Why Oriental Dance

There are many reasons that lead those who are preparing to attend a belly dance class. Many women start only "to try" then they realize that a limited commitment is not enough: it is a real art and as such requires them to learn a "discipline", as if not more so than any other dance. Many of them, even coming from other activities, become discouraged after a few lessons because they find they have underestimated the difficulty of this dance: they feel "tough" and "uncoordinated" and see the dream of dancing in front of an audience fading. In contrast, others, who started as a joke, are passionate about achieving results and strengthen the commitment well beyond their expectations.
The important thing is not to expect too many goals, cultivate patience and humility and always keep in mind that you never stop learning.

The whole body benefits from the practice this dance: the physical blends, improves posture, breathing becomes more aware, blood circulation intensifies, there is greater control of parts of your body, especially the more "forgotten" ( lower abdominal, side panels???, back). It is not so important to have certain requirements to start learning this dance: age and physical condition are irrelevant. Even a body not exactly proportionate or no longer in the prime of life can be "beautiful in the eyes of the beholder” if it expresses harmony, rhythm, joy of dance. We dance to express what we feel inside: no other art form such dance oriental can do entirely without forcing, blocks, inhibitions, becoming one with the music.

Even your state of mind benefits from the music of belly dancing: listening to oriental music, the atmosphere of complicity that is created between women, acceptance of one's body as "beautiful" are all elements that contribute to the achievement of a certain psycho-physical balance .

"You are for sure, the star generated by the West, and you will not die. I enjoyed because I was allowed to touch the sky. My head has pierced the heavens, I scratched the belly of the stars. I reached the joy, so I shine like a star and dance like a constellation. "- TOMB OF SARENPUT - ASWAN