Najma Asani, combining her knowledge of yoga, pranayama, bioenergetics, has developed a method for teaching belly dance that involves the body and mind. Through special breathing the student learns to give the right movement on the correct rhythm.



The method ASANI© is based on three principles:
1. body-mind connection
2. yin / yang breathing
3. Knowledge of techniques and rhythms of Eastern music



When we dance the body translates into moving the flow of our thoughts ???, in any other dance, as in oriental dance, this is especially true. In oriental dance you should not "imitate" other than yourself, that’s why it is so exciting for both the dancer and the audience. The dancer finds in the technique a tool for expressing her spirituality, learning about herself dancing. The control that her mind exercises on every single part of her body and on breathing helps the dancer to find her center of gravity, both physically and spiritually.



Breathing is an essential tool in the method ASANI, both for the control of the body and for emotional communication. If it is true that our breath changes according to our emotions and state of our body, it is also true that changing the breath we can change our physical and emotional state. The breathing techniques used in the ASANI Method© allow one to obtain optimal work??? and awareness of each muscle involved in breathing (diaphragm, intercostal, sternoicleidomastoid, pecs, serratus, abdominal), the control of effort, the adaptation of the movement to the rhythm of music.

Men and women do not breathe the same way: people are pretty "abs," the women "chest"???. To address this situation, the Method ASANI© uses breathing techniques recommended by Taoist physicians to increase the energy flow. Men should practice “breathing yang” that is, in a very simplified way, inspiring pushing the air in the abdomen and exhaling while contracting the same accompanying the movement with a tilt of 90 degrees.

The ASANI Method© for oriental dance uses “breathing yin” "feminine", which encourages pushing down during expiration and out the abdomen that expands and inspiration with the contraction of the abdominal and the expansion of the chest (breathing "low" or "reverse").



By the Method ASANI© you gradually learn the main figures of oriental dance as well as the main musical rhythms. The goal is a thorough understanding of technics coupled with the knowledge of music to be able to interpret the same. "Interpret" means to draw on your know-how to "translate" the music on the go or improvise.

The combination of movements of various body parts and the sounds produced by different instruments, uses the symbolism of the elements: fire, earth, water, air, ether (for ex, air-arms-nai). In the Method ASANI© every movement is matched to an item, to a Chakra, and a sound.



The lesson of the ASANI Method© is divided into four stages:
1. Warm Up / breathing techniques (awakening of the chakras)
2. Technical figures, movements, combinations, turns, walks
3. Study of choreography in various styles
4. Relaxation / stretching / breathing



The ASANI Method© consists of 4 levels plus one for teaching.
To achieve the objectives of each level there is an exam given by a committee of international experts along with Najma Asani.

The achievement of the objectives of each level can take anywhere from one to several years depending on the capabilities of the student and the frequency (min. 120 hours for each level).
Participation in examinations is not compulsory, the admission of them is at the discretion of the teacher.



The Asani Method© also includes special training reserved for a wider audience, where performance is not among the goals; and instead use the basic techniques of belly dance to achieve a state of wellness.

The benefits obtained by practicing this method, involves both the physical and the spiritual realm.
To improve the coordination of physical movement and balance, the muscles that support the spine become stronger, increase control and tone of the abs and the elasticity of the obliques. The movements made with the feet are free from constricting shoes and the technique used for the "vibrations" of the pelvic floor stimulate blood circulation in the legs and lower abdomen helping to prevent problems such as water retention, cellulite and varicose veins.

At the psychic and emotional levels you gain more self-confidence and learn to appreciate your body without the hassle of having to match a pattern. Slowly, you see your behavior and your posture improving and with them your self-esteem. In addition, you learn to control your breathing achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation, allowing the revival of all your vital energies.
The course is open to men and women of all ages and physical shape, does not place among its goals to dance in front of an audience, but the achievement of the psycho-physical wellness through a fun, enjoyable activity, with gentle but effective movements, coming from the ancient Eastern wisdom.


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Note: The lessons are 60 min. For information call 347/2949398