Bollywood Dance

A series of meetings dedicated to Bollywood dance begins on Wednesday 25th September 2019 with the teacher Najma Asani and live percussions by the musician Massimiliano Devito. The meetings will take place weekly at 8.30 pm. They will start from the basics of Indian classical dance (in particular the styles of khattak and kuchipudi) to learn rhythms, movements of the feet and arms, mudra (hand gestures), abhinaya (expression of various feelings called "rasa"), until to get to the learning of choreographic sequences and the interpretation of music texts in Sanskrit (sacred texts) and in Hindi (modern popular texts). Particular attention will be paid to the correct execution of movements on the rhythm and meaning of gestures, because this dance is a particular form of language, even if revisited in a modern key with fusions from other dances. Bollywood is, in fact, a word that comes from "Bombay" (today's city of Mumbai, the main seat of the Indian film industry) and "Hollywood" (home of the USA star-system). The Bollywood films, produced at the rate of hundreds a day all over the Indian countries, have the characteristic of presenting themselves as real musicals with gigantic scenographies animated by hundreds of dancers who dance fascinating and colorful choreographies, thanks to the pomp and the fantasy of the costumes.