Bharatanatyam workshop

"The liberating dance of Natya Tantra, perspective and practice of classical Indian dances". 
Bharatanatyam intensive seminar with the famous Padmaja Suresh, a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Bharatanatyam with a unique tantric perspective of its kind. Padmaja will guide us to the discovery of the mudras (positions of the fingers) and the rasa (expression of feelings) and the positions of the feet in this millenary dance. 29th October 2017 10am-1pm / 3pm-6pm, Asani Center, Porto d'Ascoli (AP). Limited seats (max 15 people). Costs: 50 Euro 3 hours; 90 Euro 6 hours. Possibility of overnight stay at B&B, good prices. Info 3472949398.